Sam Moffitt and Jemma Burtonwood take the JetBlack 24 Hour reign at Awaba

The ninth edition of the JetBlack 24 Hour race took place at Awaba MTB Park on the weekend. Sam Moffitt took out the 24 Hour Solo Men’s title and Jemma Burtonwood from Nambucca Heads claimed the women’s win. Despite a grim weather forecast and challenging conditions with heat on Saturday and a downpour that night, the event was completed on a cool Sunday successfully and organisers already confirmed that they would be back in 2018.


Organisers from Rocky Trail kept a close look on the weather radars and were in touch with local and state emergency services ahead of the JetBlack 24 Hour on the weekend. For the first time this iconic event on the Australian endurance racing calendar was to be held at the Olney State Forest and its Awaba MTB Park and with riders arriving from all over NSW, the ACT as well as QLD on Friday afternoon, the weather stayed kind, sparing them from the rough storms that swept across the Central Coast and nearby Newcastle.

Confident, the racers started out on Saturday at midday and rode all day, through the night and all Sunday morning until 12pm. The 9km race course among the trail network of the local Hunter Mountain Bike Alliance took them through dense bush and into cool fern and rainforest vegetation. Steep climbs and rocky descents with countless berms thrown into it took its toll on bodies, minds and bikes. The event offered solo and team categories in the 24-hour discipline as well as optional 6+6-hour categories in which the riders got a break over night.


30 laps for the win

First-time dad-to-be Sam Moffitt won the 24-hour solo men’s division outright and said that even with the short downpour on the Saturday evening, the track recovered quickly and was in ideal condition for the rest of the race. It had it’s tough sections with a steep climb that kept him honest until the end, he admitted, “Camelbak… yep that was the section that was challenging at every lap.”

Sam Moffitt took out the 24 Hour Solo Men’s title ahead of fellow Canberran Robin Mules and two riders from Queensland – Peter Bigaila came in third ahead of Jonathan Battle. Garry Dukes from Lithgow was fifth.

Two race favourites were noticeably absent from the event in both men’s and women’s solo divisions: multiple JetBlack 24 Hour and 24 Hour Solo World Champion, Jason English fell ill with food poisioning and Central Coast’s Charlie McCabe suffered a broken elbow in the event lead-up.


Women’s title goes to Jemma Burtonwood
In the women’s, triathlete and strong endurance rider Jemma Burtonwood from Nambucca Heads won ahead of Jen North from Gosford and Dalene Pretorius from country NSW near Dubbo. Burtonwood completed 19 laps – starting off with 1h-lap times she settled on 1h20 to 1h30 over night, keeping up the steady pace for the win. Jen North was in her first 24-hour race and took a few more breaks, but enjoyed the track she said, “I recently moved into the Central Coast region for work from Queensland, so every track down here is new for me – this one I know inside out now already, but it’s a real fun course.”

The line honours went to the 24 Hour Male Team of Four “Graphite Projects” – the team claimed the title by 2 laps with it’s official last rider squeezing out onto the track one more time with 10 seconds of race time to spare.

In the 6+6 Hour divisions, Elvio Fernandes won the men’s solo division and Natalie Anderson was the winning solo woman.


Event Decennial coming up in 2018

Race Director Martin Wisata said it had been a rollercoaster of a weekend but that he’d bring the event back in 2018, “It was a tough last couple of days for us, we constantly checked the weather radar and liaised with the local club and emergency services to ensure the safety of our riders. This responsibility weighs heavy on your shoulders, but it’s the absolute priority for us. The weather was definitely kind to us and the feedback from our riders was so positive that we’ll be back next year for sure.” The exact date for the JetBlack 24 Hour Decennial has yet to be set, but is most likely to be scheduled for early 2018 again under the patronage of JetBlack Products Australia and with the support of the local Hunter MTB Alliance and NSW State Forests.

For more event information and detailed results, visit



Download your free rider images, thanks to rider image sponsor, Bacci’s Fresh! – Link to follow shortly.

Sam Moffitt in the dense Olney State Forest at Awaba MTB Park.

Sam Moffitt in the dense Olney State Forest at Awaba MTB Park.

Jemma Burtonwood, 24H Solo women's winner 2017.

Jemma Burtonwood, 24H Solo women’s winner 2017.

30 laps for the win.

30 laps for the win.

Race start to the 9th JetBlack 24 Hour at Awaba MTB Park.

Race start to the 9th JetBlack 24 Hour at Awaba MTB Park.

Natalie Anderson, 6+6 Hour Solo winner women.

Natalie Anderson, 6+6 Hour Solo winner women.

Jemma Burtonwood punching out a consistent night lap.

Jemma Burtonwood punching out a consistent night lap.

Elvio Fernandes, 6+6 hour men's winner.

Elvio Fernandes, 6+6 hour men’s winner.


Interview Sam Moffitt, 24H Solo Elite winner 2017


>> Link to podium photos by

24H Solo Men's Podium (l-r): Robin Mules, Sam Moffitt, Peter Bigaila.

24H Solo Men’s Podium (l-r): Robin Mules, Sam Moffitt, Peter Bigaila.

24H Solo Female podium (l-r): Jen North, Jemma Burtonwood, Dalene Pretorius.

24H Solo Female podium (l-r): Jen North, Jemma Burtonwood, Dalene Pretorius.

Overall line honours for Graphite Projects team (middle).

Overall line honours for Graphite Projects team (middle). “We just want to ride, mate” in second (left) and Pedal4Pierce Racing in third (right).


Top Results Solo Overall

24 Hours Female

1. Jemma Burtonwood, Nambucca Heads NSW (24 Solo Female 30-39, 19 laps in 23:45:07)
2. Jen North, North Gosford NSW // Twice the Jenergy (24 Solo Female 30-39, 14 laps in 22:41:58)
3. Dalene Pretorius, Tooraweenah NSW (24 Solo Female 50-59, 8 laps in 23:30:39)


24 Hours Male

1. Sam Moffitt, Wright ACT // Onya Gumby (24 Solo Male 30-39, 30 laps in 24:00:42)
2. Robin Mules, Chapman ACT // Lincoln GIS Racing (24 Solo Male 40-49, 29 laps in 24:09:50)
3. Peter Bigaila, Maroochydore QLD (24 Solo Male 50-59, 28 laps in 24:09:49)
4. Jonathan Battle, Warner QLD (24 Solo Male 30-39 on Singlespeed, 27 laps in 23:40:47)
5. Garry Dukes // Dukes of Hazard, Marrangaroo NSW (24 Solo Male 40-49, 27 laps in 24:40:06)


6+6H Female

1. Natalie Anderson, Barden Ridge NSW (6+6 Solo Female Elite, 14 laps in 24:23:31)
2. Claudia Fiess, Dee Why NSW (6+6 Solo Female 40-49, 11 laps in 24:36:59)
3. Natalie Carlyle // Hammer Nutrition (6+6 Solo Female Elite, 6 laps in 22:18:17)


6+6H Male

1. Elvio Fernandes, Shellharbour NSW // Bike hub (6+6 Solo Male 40-49, 16 laps in 24:19:39)
2. Sean Mahony, Boat Harbour NSW // Bayside Family Chiropractic (6+6 Solo Male Elite, 16 laps in 24:25:45)
3. Elton Judd, Cherrybrook NSW // JetBlack Racing Rocketman (6+6 Solo Male 40-49, 15 laps in 24:05:27)
4. Jamie Vogele, Port Macquarie NSW // Team FIZO-MacDesign (6+6 Solo Male 40-49, 15 laps in 24:09:17)
5. Dane Anderson, Barden Ridge NSW (6+6 Solo Male Elite, 15 laps in 24:25:29)19 laps in 23:45:07)


>> Full results via the Rocky Trail event RESULTS page



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#JetBlack24 weather update: Wednesday

#JetBlack24 weather update: Wednesday, 15 February, afternoon

For a while it looked like Saturday would be a hot one again but the forecast has changed now. Good news is that it’s not supposed to get very hot anymore on Saturday bad news is that we are likely to get a few showers over the weekend. Again Awaba is pretty dry and it will need a lot of rain to stop the race before the 24 hours are up but with showers it’s very hard to predict what will happen. Hopefully they get pushed up north a bit but we’ll see.



#JetBlack24 weather update: Monday, 13 Feb 2017, 9am

Looks like we dodged a bullet by having it on the right weekend #lucky. With the heatwave behind us we can look forward to this weekend and it is looking very good at the moment.

Temps are expected in the high 20s to low 30s falling to around 20 at night so we won’t freeze at 3am in the morning. It forecasts potential showers but Awaba is so dry at the moment that they won’t bother us.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the week as better data becomes available. Cheers, Juliane & Martin


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A message from our DJ Mista Nige a.k.a. Entertainment Manager

OK….so a weekend of track selecting and mucking around has come to a close!

So, somehow this mix starts with the “State Forest of Trance” mix with a couple of added tracks which after Armin’s Youtopia we move into Bob Marley and The Doors….this then starts Part 2 which pops out Walk The Moon’s Shut Up & Dance before somehow mixing into John Mellencamp, Dead or Alive, Beck, Guns N Roses, ACDC and Queen! Then we go a bit mad with The Rubens, Bruno Mars and the Macarena (just for Cosmo!)……I then whip out some classics from Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin and Chic…..then ‘Pump Up The Volume’ gets the old skool dance classics pumpin’ – not sure what I was thinking but there are some crazy mixes coming your way with some choonz you would never have heard of before……should be a hoot!

Roll on Friday…..I need a sound check!

… We can’t wait!

ddw_13082011_jetblack24hr-lowresfb_1554 ddw_13082011_jetblack24hr-lowresfb_1566 ddw_13082011_jetblack24hr-lowresfb_1581 ddw_13082011_jetblack24hr-lowresfb_1587 a94_sponsors_2017

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JetBlack 24 Hour line-up 2017


The ninth edition of the JetBlack 24 Hour race by Rocky Trail Entertainment will take place at Awaba MTB Park on the weekend of 18+19 February. For the first time this iconic endurance race will come to the home track of the local club, the Hunter Mountain Bike Alliance. Jason English, undeniably the most successful 24-Hour mountain bike racer and multiple World Champion will race his first 24 Hour event on his new home track.


The JetBlack 24 Hour race was first held at a camping resort on the Hawkesbury River, then moved to a botanic garden near Campbelltown and was held at a winery in the Upper Hunter Valley last year. With the move to Awaba, the organisers wanted to go back to an “old-school mountain bike racing track that is always in great shape and gets a lot of love from the local club”.  As one of the most popular riding destinations on the East Coast it promises a versatile race track with fun bush trails and rain forest sections that will offer cool breezes and pretty views.

The six-time JetBlack 24 Hour winner Jason English, who just recently moved from Port Macquarie to Newcastle to be closer to family, said that he is looking forward to racing on his new home track.  “I haven’t had the chance to really dial in the Awaba course. I have really slowed down the training over December with the knowledge that I will be ramping it up before the Worlds in June. What better way to get to know Awaba than to lap it for 24hrs. The race will be the start of my longer rides”, he added.


Jason English, multiple JetBlack 24 Hour Champion.


Ed McDonald puts names forward for elite race favourites

Jason English is the race favourite in the men’s and in the women’s strong performances are expected by endurance specialist Jemma Burtonwood, Queensland triathlete Jen North as well as the local gun from the Central Coast, Charlie McCabe, according to the reigning 24-hour National Champion, Ed McDonald from Canberra.


Charlie McCabe with partner Max Richardson – a passionate and skilled endurance racer.

The Canberran Ed McDonald was going to be one of Jason English’s strongest contenders, however, said over the weekend that he will not be able to be at the 24-hour solo start at Awaba.

“I’ve had some on-going health dramas over the past few months so I’m unsure my body could really take a 24h at the moment”, McDonald explained. He was, however, toying with the idea of doing the 6+6 hour racing option , which gives riders the chance to have a rest overnight and to re-start their race at 6am on Sunday morning, finishing with everyone by 12pm.

McDonald just recently checked out the rider list for the JetBlack 24 Hour in an article for and said that there are quite a few notable racers to fight for top spots:

“In the men’s field there are a mixture of new and established old timers in the race. Strong local riders Tim Stevenson and Simon de Pomeroy head up a local contingent who’ll know great lines and gave plenty of familiarity on the Awaba trails. Will local legends Andy Lloyd – second at WEMBO in 2013 – or Stefan Merriman, multiple time motocross world champion – turn up, and throw down the gauntlet?

There are also a couple of noteworthy crazy singlespeeders, led by Dave Speering – “fresh” off an effort riding from the coast to the highest point of Australia. But my sneaky stand-out riders would be Robin Mules and Sam Moffit.”

Read the full article on

Rocky Trail Entertainment Shimano MTB GP round 2 held at Awaba MTB Park

Ed McDonald getting a taste of Awaba at the 2016 SHIMANO MTB Grand Prix Round there.


Event offers team categories and kids activities, free photos for everyone

With a 24 Hour solo category as the flagship classification of the race, the organisers offer plenty of team and social categories. Riders can participate in relay teams of 2 to 6 racers and the popular 6+6 Hour racing options are available for solo and teams also.

The event has a long-standing tradition of entertaining its racers and spectators with pumping music and this year a DJ will be playing his sets to keep the riders going. “We do have some quiet time overnight, but we still make sure to have some music playing at the timing point, just so that the 24-hour solo and team riders stay motivated”, explains Race Director Martin Wisata. Free kids activities and races will also keep the youngest entertained throughout the weekend and spectator entry is free and a catering van will provide food and drinks all weekend. Wisata also announced that all rider images would be available for participants for free after the event thanks to a new sponsorship arrangement with Bacci Fresh.

“We’re proud that we have retained our naming rights sponsor JetBlack Products Australia since the beginning, they are huge supporters of Rocky Trail events. We have a great line-up of sponsors and supporters, some really active businesses in the Australian cycling industry. We love to align ourselves with fellow riders and brands that we can identify with, so this year we were able to pull Bacci Fresh on board, which is owned by one of our racers and produces really good and wholesome pasta, which will be available at the event as well”, he explained.


Jason English ready to race on home track

With a week to go until the JetBlack 24 Hour, the newest Novocastrian Jason English reflected on his last race against Ed McDonald that saw him defeated and awarded the Canberran the the 24 Hour National Champion title, “It was great to look back and see the lap times and how consistent Ed was. It’s about time he had the perfect race. A perfect race is a rare thing in 24hr racing. There is usually always an issue associated with pitting, lighting, tyres, forks, bike setup, nutrition or a crash. I really wanted to be the person to hand Ed the green and gold jersey on the podium.” No doubt, English will be on guard to take back the honours at Awaba, concluding, “He rode so well for it! Next time I’ll aim to make him work for it again.” Unfortunately it won’t be at this JetBlack 24 Hour, but there will be more than 30 solo competitors that will keep him honest for sure.

Online registration is open until Thursday, 8pm before the race unless sold out prior. Race start is at 12pm on Saturday, 18 February and the event finishes at 12pm on Sunday with the price ceremony expected for 1:30pm.



Martin Wisata at the start of the 2016 JetBlack 24 Hour - this year he's taking it to a "State Forest of Trance".

Martin Wisata at the start of the 2016 JetBlack 24 Hour – this year he’s taking it to a “State Forest of Trance”.

Rocky Trail Entertainment Shimano MTB GP round 2 held at Awaba MTB Park

Local gun Andy Lloyd at Awaba.

Rocky Trail Entertainment's Shimanno GP 2015

Craig Gordon getting some air at Awaba.

Rocky Trail Entertainment's Shimanno GP 2015

The JetBlack Racing Team will be out in force.


Night racing at the JetBlack 24 Hour.



Thank you to our sponsors and supporters in 2017:


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Patrick Butler – New line-up in Bergamont Factory Team

At Rocky Trail Communication we’re very excited to be a part of “Team Butler”, supporting Patrick with Public Relation Services, including publicity, strategy, social media and copywriting. He’s been racing – and winning – Rocky Trail races since the beginning, from Four Cross to Dual Slalom to Rollercoasters to Downhills.

As the reigning U17’s Australian National Downhill Champion and U19’s NSW/ACT RedAss Downhill Enduro State Champion, Patrick has just announced that he will race on the International Downhill scene as part of the Bergamont Factory Racing Team, a development that has been years in the making and is well deserved.

We’re looking forward to supporting Patrick along the way and will be documenting his journey on the international and national racing scene.



Born: 11 August 2000
Lives in: Brunkerville near Cessnock, NSW
Season goals: 2017 Top 10 Overall Junior Ranking
Rides: Bergamont Strait Line Team bike



Patrick Butler, team racer DOWNHILL for the Bergamont Factory Racing Team. Photo: Bergamont

Patrick Butler, team racer DOWNHILL for the Bergamont Factory Racing Team. Photo: Bergamont

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2017 Series opener: Fox Rollercoaster Superflow, hydrated by Camelbak

The first Fox Rollercoaster Superflow series event for 2017, hydrated by Camelbak took place at Killingworth near Newcastle on 29 January and mountain bikers from all over NSW and the ACT completed four race runs in relentlessly hot and humid conditions. The 2016 Fox Rollercoaster Superflow Champion, Brock Newling from the Central Coast took out the Elite Men’s category ahead of Shane Gillett and Dave Young! In the women’s, Western Sydney’s Danielle Beecroft won ahead of Newcastle’s Sarah Booth in 2nd and Jilliby-racer Ellie Smith in 3rd.


Danielle Beecroft in full flight at the Fox Rollercoaster Superflow, hydrated by Camelbak.


Fox RC Superflow 2016 Champion, opens up the new season account with a win.


As organisers we just love to see when the concepts that we hatch come to life and especially when they result in lots of smiling faces – sweaty at Killingworth, but the grins still went from ear to ear! The Rollercoaster concept has been unique in that it offers a race format that is relaxed, flexible, exciting, uncomplicated and suitable for a wide range of mountain bikers.


Relaxed, because there is no start order. Racers ride to the top of the race tracks on marked trails in neutral and in their own time – and together with their mates, partners, kids and friends. Then you bomb down as fast as they can and everyone waits together.




Flexible, because the racers can pick the order in which they complete the race runs. Every rider is different and you can choose yourself how to tackle the race tracks on offer on the day. We aim to have a great variety of technical tracks, some pedally sections, always heaps of flowy berms, but everything always rideable and no need to jump any gaps (unless you want to), with A- and B-lines clearly marked.

rckw17-5046 rckw17-5125 rckw17-5013

Exciting, because after each race run you can come and check out times right away and compare yourself to your fellow racers. As more riders complete their runs, it gets more and more thrilling to forecast the top times.


Uncomplicated, because our timing system doesn’t require any power or WiFi – you carry the timing chip that saves your times. You’re in charge and we don’t need to retrieve any devices to tell you your results. That means we can run our Fox Rollercoaster Superflow races everywhere, even at remote locations.


Fun for everyone, because we see such a wide range of mountain bikers come to these events. It’s for the young and young at heart, we love seeing partners, parents, kids and juniors from all different categories spend all day together out on the track. They still all get their correct results as the times are then slotted into their specific category.

rtrckw17-0012 rtrckw17-0011 rtrckw17-0003


The next series round of the Fox Rollercoaster Superflow, hydrated by Camelbak will be happening at Thredbo MTB Park on Saturday, 1 April. It’s one of the highlights of the season and definitely worth the weekend away – lift tickets are included in the entry price and there are combo offers to add-on the RedAss Downhill event on the same weekend (racing on the Sunday). We also have two accommodation partners, check out the LOCATION tab on our website for all the details.


>> Online registration for Rd 2 in Thredbo is open now!



All rider photos in the series are included in the entry fee thanks to our headline sponsor, Ride Fox Australia and our hydration partner Camelbak. Download them from the Outer Image online portal with the password ‘foxracing‘. Here is the link to the photographer’s newsletter.


See youse in Shredbo!




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RIDER BRIEFING – JetBlack 24 Hour 2017

JetBlack 24 Hour Rider Briefing


(last updated: 6 February 2017)

For the first time, the JetBlack 24 Hour will be held at the Awaba MTB Park and we’ll be ‘Racing in a State Forest of Trance’! The 2016 event was our first race with our then-baby Cosmo, who is now a cheeky toddler and sure to be keeping the Grandparents busy, who are on en-route from Austria right in time for the race!

Here are some important bits and pieces of information in the race lead up.


Share your race experience with us – use the official event hashtags:

#jetblack24 #rockytrailracer



Online registration

Will be open until Thursday evening before the race.

>> Click here to register!

  • Online registration closes on Thursday, 16 February, 9pm, unless all 350 spots have been filled previously. There is no on the day registration.
  • There will be an additional podium for the 3 fastest male and female Single Speed riders. You need to race the entire race exclusively on Single Speed bikes and tick the Single Speed box when registering.
  • Age determination date is race day, which means the age you are at the date of the race determines the age group you are racing in.
  • You can choose to ride in your age group or Elite.
  • Junior Teams – requirement for all team members to be 18 years or younger on race day.
  • Miniumum age for solo is 18, teams of 2 and 3 is 16 years, for teams of 4 and 6 is 12 years on race day. Exceptions to the rule are possible – send us an email to discuss.
  • Master Teams – requirement for all team members to be 40+ or older on race day. We will offer this category if more than 3 teams sign up.
  • Team 6 OPEN is a category that is not divided into age groups or gender categories. All teams in this category race against each other.
  • If you are racing in a team where riders fall in different age groups the following rules apply:
    • If all team riders are over 19 years old then the youngest defines the age group.
    • If one team rider is under 19 then the average age will define the age group.
  • Each rider needs to agree to our General Race Rules
  • The solo rider/the team with most laps in the least amount of time wins. Master categories are offered if a minimum of three rides/teams have signed up.
  • All results will be displayed in your various age groups as well as the overall male/female results.
  • Each rider needs to sign our Race Waiver; parents or guardians needs to sign on behalf of riders younger than 18 years.
  • You do not require any racing license to participate in this event.


>> What’s included in your race entry

  • Free camping at Awaba (possible Fri, Sat, Sun nights).
  • Entry for spectators and camping is free.
  • Results certificate for download from our results portal after the event.


  • All your rider photos for FREE thanks to “Bacci Fresh Pasta
    Bacci’s Fresh Pasta & Meals –
    What they say: “We make fresh meal solutions created to allow families and friends to come together and enjoy great fresh meals.”
    What we say: “We love eating Bacci’s Pasta, because it just tastes delicious. There are no funky ingredients in there, just hearty food that’s yummy. The owner of Bacci’s Fresh has been racing with Rocky Trail from the beginning too, so an even better reason to always have a packet of Bacci’s Fresh in the fridge!”



PHOTOS:  we will have three official race photographers from out on track for us and you’ll be able to download your photos from their website after the event. Private photography is allowed; any commercial operator is required to apply for an official media accreditation from Rocky Trail Entertainment via email by Friday, 17 February. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.



>> How to get there

Location: Awaba MTB Park

Coming from Sydney:
Head up the M1 towards Newcastle. After about 100 km take the Freemans Dr. exit. Turn right at Freemans Dr and drive for 4.6 km. Turn right at Mount Faulk Rd and continue for 2.4 km. From there you can see the MTB Park signs.

Coming from Newcastle
Head down the M1 towards Sydney. Take the Palmers Road exit and turn right. Turn left onto Freemans Dr and drive for about 6km. Turn right at Mount Faulk Rd and continue for 2.4 km. From there you can see the MTB Park signs.



>> About the event centre and race track

This is the map of the event centre, which is also on our website. It’s a Google Maps set-up, so if you zoom out, you can see the race track and the map legend is on the right.


Within the main event centre we will set up a dedicated 24H and 6+6H Solo pit area – there are plenty of spots and we will lay out the race track so that as many tents as possible are directly next to it.

Solo riders:

  • We will mark out the solo pit area and it will be quite clear how the tents should line up. If you’re unsure, have a chat to our crew to assign you a spot when you arrive.
  • If you do need car access to the solo pit area, can you please drive in and leave by 9am, so that we have all cars out of the solo pit area by 9:30 the latest. Transition zone, start/finish straight etc. will have to be built / organised around it then. Thanks for your cooperation!

Team riders: spots can be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can also camp directly next to your car – the event centre is set up that the furthest away from the transition zone is less than 200m or so.

Music: Part of the Rocky Trail experience is that we have a pumping event centre with a wide variety of funky tunes. We will have a “warm-up” session by our DJ on Friday evening (until 9-10pm) and will start the music on Saturday from 7am. During the racing night it will be turned right down (from ~11pm), so that the camp is quiet and the guys still racing can hear it as they come through the transition area. In the wee hours of the morning, when it gets lonely out on track they look forward to hearing a bit of music and a little chat with the crew.
Announcements and music will recommence on Sunday morning by 5:30am for the re-start of the 6+6H riders.

ddw_13082011_jetblack24hr-lowresfb_1554 JB1214-1707


Camping and parking: We will have a dedicated area for caravans as well as a solo pit lane trackside. On Saturday we will have marshals on-site to help direct the traffic and point you in the right direction for camping and setting up. Camping is free.

Accommodation: may we recommend checking out the local tourism websites:

Amenities: We will of course have toilets for you but no showers. Please bring your own camping showers to the event.

Wet conditions: This track withstands wet weather very well and is bone-dry right now. We will keep you updated of any updates.

Hot conditions: We do have a water tank for drinking and another one for washing etc in the event centre. The race track is located in very established bushland and rainforest-like vegetation, so nice and shady. Also the event centre is surrounded by huge trees.





We will be using our chip timing system – you will be issued with number plates that have magnetic timing strips on the back. It is important that you don’t fold up your number plate as then the functionality is not ensured; also, if you loose your number plate, please come see us at the timing tent and we can re-issue you a new one. Your race times and results will be displayed on screens live in the event centre.

Double number plates for solos:
All 24H and 6+6H solo riders will automatically be issued with two number plates, as a lot of them usually bring two steeds. If you are a team rider who needs a second number plate also, please talk to Juliane and her crew at the registration tent on the day before the race starts.

Start procedure:

All event participants need to be present at the rider briefing on Saturday at 11:30am.
At 12pm there will be a mass start for all riders: 24H solo, 24H team and all 6+6H racers. We will explain team transitions during the rider briefing on race day.

6+6H procedures:
These guys get a break over night. You are allowed to start a last lap until 5:59.59 pm on Saturday, those laps will still count. We will then publish a re-start list in the event centre.


  • If you finish at or before 6pm, you/one member of your team will start at 6am on Sunday.
  • If you finish after 6pm, you will start with the relevant minute-delay on the Sunday, e.g. if you finish at 6:12pm, you will start at 6:12am.
  • We will have our Race Director and crew ready to call you up to the start line and to count you down for your race start.
  • Teams can nominate any team rider to start the second day for them.


  • Lights have to be on all 24-hour riders’ bikes by 7pm the latest. Only front lights are required.
  • 6+6 Hour racers won’t require lights as they will have enough day light.


  • We will have a light re-charging station set up from about mid afternoon. We do kindly ask that you bring yours with full batteries, please. We have a couple of power boards and if you have a spare one,  bring it along, but we should have good capacity.

Finish procedure:

You are allowed to start a last lap until 11:59.59 am on Sunday, those laps will still count.

JetBlack24hr-0034 JetBlack24hr-0057

JetBlack24hr-0074 GPJE15-5928


>> Results and Rider List

We will provide a LIVE portal to follow the race results throughout the event. We will post the direct link on our results page online. – We will push out social media posts via Facebook and Twitter to keep the “outside world” updated about what’s happening too.



 >> Full event schedule

Rocky Trail Entertainment's James Estate Jetblack 12hr



>> Food

Food and drinks will be available all day including deliciously invigorating coffee, hot and cold drinks, yummy snacks and hearty pasta meals. For people camping overnight on Saturday, we recommend bringing breakfast.

Water – will be provided on-site.

We will have our caterers Mona and Anthony from “The Daily Espresso” on-site all weekend and they will serve yummy food from Friday evening onwards. They will have a BBQ on the Friday evening and offer breakfast on Saturday and Sunday with various egg & bacon rolls etc. as well as pasta and yummy wraps and sandwiches and sweet treats all weekend. And their coffee is awesome too!

JetBlack24hr-0008 JB1214-1251


Further information:

Portable toilets are available as well as two fixed State Forest toilets.

Introducing: the Cosmo Classic Kids Trophy – this is a free kidlet race for the youngest shredders (about 100m time trial around the small loop near the car park) as well as a *drum roll* JetBlack 24 Minute race for the up and coming Junior Champions who’re keen on the new junior loop at Awaba (only a few 100m). No need to sign the kids up beforehand; we’ll have a list at the registration tent on the day that you can fill out and we’ll probably do them towards the mid to late afternoon on the Saturday when the main race is well underway and to avoid the warmer afternoon hours.

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First Aid – the fabulously friendly crew from Pink First Aid will be on-site from Saturday 10am.


Bike Shop – The crew from Fizo Cycling will be looking after you. We recommend that you have spare-parts that are very specific to your bike with you. Any bike-related services and repairs are free, for spare-parts they will charge the standard rates.

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RAFFLE – As mountain bikers we spend our time riding outdoors and even though we don’t mind a good mud puddle, most of the time we ride in the sun and heat. With our JetBlack 24 Hour set in the summer racing season, we are teaming up with the Cancer Council NSW to provide educational tools and goodies at the race. There will be several activities including a RAFFLE to raise funds to go towards skin cancer research.



Stay in touch and share the love!

When you take photos at the event, please us the official event hashtags: #jetblack24and #solo24 – that way we can follow your posts and join in the conversations! You can follow us on the following Rocky Trail social media channels:

We will have a small army of instagramers out and about for us also, so be sure to tune in once in a while to check out what’s going on!

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Pictured: Martin’s mum and dad when they were visiting us at the 2011 + 2016 JetBlack 24 Hour races – they fell in love with our racers and will be back for the 2017 event to help look after #rockytrailbaby Cosmo!



It’s great to have you on board and racing with us at the JetBlack 24 Hour – we’re looking forward to meeting you!

We would also like to thank our headline sponsor JetBlack Cycling Australia – these guys have been huge supporters of all Rocky Trail races since our inception in 2008 and the JetBlack 24 Hour is a credit and shall be a tribute to their commitment in the Australian cycling industry.

A huge THANK YOU to all our event supporters!

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See you there!


Photos used thanks to and Dan de Witte.

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