Stage 8: “After the Croc is before the Croc…”

Today Martin had a very good day on the bike – “I can’t believe what I achieved today, to have the 8th Croc done makes me really proud”, he said from his post-race recovery spot under a palm tree on Four Mile Beach.

“I raced hard and on the descent must admit did have work and family at the back of my head – that Bump Track is so technical and so steep, you really need to be mentally and physically strong to get down that hill in one piece”, he admitted.

Finishing in 8th position outright today he secured the 5th place in the A3 category and said that it was a hard race, “We had a strong head wind and the sand was quite soft on the beach… wow, now we’ll celebrate!”

Martin finished the #croc8 in 16th position in the field outright and is already thinking about the next one, “After the Croc is before the Croc…”

Introducing the new hashtag: #croc9

And so it begins again… thanks everyone for following Martin’s journey and to our amazing sponsors of the

Il Pastaio / Rocky Trail Racing Team powered by Bacci’s Fresh

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Photo: Igor Schifris/Crocodile Trophy


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Stage 7: solid 16th, secured 5th in A3

Stage 7 at the Croc seems to have been a better day for Martin Wisata, who finished in 16th place today. From all accounts it was a “classic Croc stage” and showed once again that anything is possible at this event with rankings being swapped and changed behind the top two leaders as if they were at the markets.

For Martin tomorrow will be a highlight – he loves that Bump Track and will try to better is personal record of 1h04:22 from last year. He has a solid 5th placing in the A3 category in GC and sits in 17th overall. We do think that 16th and maybe even 15th could be done… bring on #stage8 at #croc8!



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Photo: Regina Stanger / Crocodile Trophy

Race Start at Wetherby


Photos: Igor Schifris / Crocodile Trophy

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Stage 6: 33rd at Wetherby, 5th in category after 6 stages

Today was rough and long – Martin Wisata can be seen right behind the green jersey on the start straight out of Skybury and finished the 102km/1000vm marathon to Wetherby in 33rd overall today, still holding 5th in his category after 6 stages and the 17th GC overall spot for Il Pastaio / Rocky Trail Racing powered by Bacci’s Fresh.

A huge shout-out to the Quantum Racing Team and Ondrej Slezak who broke his collarbone today, heal up quickly, mate!



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Photos: Igor Schifris / Crocodile Trophy

Chasing green.

Top of the morning from Skybury.

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Stage 5: On the chase

Martin Wisata raced hard to make up time in the green Austria leader jersey competition. He rode several attacks and eventually him and Australian leader jersey Ondrej Slezak from the Quantum Racing Team found each other and raced hard. The gap to Peter Urdl from Austria is now about half an hour.

“I rode one attack after the other today, I felt strong and knew I had to push hard if I wanted to make up time. Ondrej Slezak had a flat tyre early on and I caught up to him; we continued and raced together towards the finish.”

“But I’m not giving up and it’s fun to have something to race for.”

“I think I’ve secured the 5th place overall in my category with today’s race. I’m happy with that – Dekker, Beresford, Webster and Lister ahead of me – I can be happy with that.”

“Very happy with my best ever Croc Trophy GC placing:11th. A huge thanks to Ondrej Slezak. I studied the sponsors on the back of his kit very closely today: Way2live / Pivot Cycles / JetBlack Products Australia”

With three stages to go it’s going to be a challenge to take back the green, but one that Martin will take on for the Il Pastaio / Rocky Trail Racing Team powered by Bacci’s Fresh!



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Photo: Martin Wisata/Facebook

Chill-out session at Skybury.


Video: Crocodile Trophy


Photo: Koenraad van Schoren

Can’t talk, must breathe.


Photos: Igor Schifris / Crocodile Trophy


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Stage 4: Skybury

Says Martin,

“Made it to Skybury Coffee. Sweet day on the bike today. 17th place. Had a great 4 men train going for the second half. Rainy day today but the sun should return tomorrow. Il Pastaio / Rocky Trail Racing powered by Bacci’s Fresh”

We love the article that Mike Blewitt wrote today – make sure to check it out via the link below. It really captures how tough this race can be on body, mind and machine.

Says Mike,

“…the sense of isolation was pretty immense…”

“…while the Croc doesn’t run with Swiss precision like the Swiss Epic, it takes place in our backyard, and offers a true test for a mountain biker who can keep their shit together for 8 days. “





Photos: Igor Schifris/Crocodile Trophy

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Stage 3: Brutal stage takes its toll

Looking at today’s elevation profile one word comes to mind: ouch.

“You better be rested for that one”

The plan had been to start fast on the flat early section to get away from his category and to make up time for the hills, however, Martin’s plan to jump onto Erik Dekker’s wheel (he offered, “Martin, let’s go!”) was instantly smashed by a mechanical at the 5km mark. Within 30 seconds he was from 4th in last. Another mechanical in the hills made Martin pace himself and save some energy for the next five days.

It’s definitely been a tough day – Martin said the later start meant a later arrival at camp. Recovery, getting your luggage, wash yourself and the bike, fix yourself and the bike. Eat. Eat. Eat. Drink.


Some of Martin’s comments about today’s stage:

Roast chicken rolls for lunch? “I had two.”

“I think I’ve never taken that long to race 100km on my bike.”

“I just knew when I had the second mechanical I won’t be able to make up time anymore.”

“I just did my own pace from then on, but it was brutal.”

“I just need to recover now and tomorrow I’ll give everything again.”

“My bike’s had an overhaul – new tyres, new breaks, new cables… we’re ready for tomorrow.”


Photo: Igor Schifris/Crocodile Trophy

Back into his own kit tomorrow.

MarathonMTB’s Mike Blewitt.


Photo: CycleFNQ – Race Start Stage 3 at Lake Tinaroo


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Stage 2: Austria leader jersey defended

#croc8 still hurts – today’s stage was brutal, Martin reports from Lake Tinaroo, who defended his Austria leader jersey today racing for Il Pastaio / Rocky Trail Racing powered by Bacci’s Fresh.

“We climbed up to Copperlode Dam as in previous years and I knew the hills that come after that. But after the first feedzone instead of going on the route I knew they turned us left and then it just kept going up and up and up.”

Martin was one of the riders who go caught out by a locked gate. Following the GPS data on unmarked tracks it got a bit messy, however, all was resolved by the crew of UCI commissaires at the finish quickly Martin said.

After two stages, Martin holds the 16th overall spot and is 6th in his A3 Master category. Ahead of tomorrow’s third stage – the one with most vertical meters to climb – onto the Austria leader jersey with a gap of 2:44 min ahead of Peter Urdl.



Official results portal stage 2

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MarathonMTB race report stage 2

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Photos: Igor Schifris and Regina Stanger / Crocodile Trophy

Crossing Copperloade Dam. Photo: Regina Stanger

Climbing onto the Atherton Tablelands. Photo: Regina Stanger

#croc8 still hurts. Photo: Igor Schifris

Still in green. Photo: Rocky Trail


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