Stage 5: “My hardest and best day on a mountain bike”

Stage 5, the Queen Stage of the 2016 Crocodile Trophy – 131km and “only” 1900vm.

Martin was in his element he said, despite the early hills. He thought he could not hang onto his category, but he did.

“Suddenly I saw people that I normally not see, even on those first climbs – they did get away, but after a particularly rough section I got them back. At the 65km I decided to attack them and went for my life. I’ve never raced this hard before and then I could catch up to Brendan Skerke and Garry James as well as another Austrian. We worked so hard together and at the last feedzone I saw a fellow A2 racer from my category ride away and I said to the guys, ‘Ride for me, I want to catch that guy.’ – I’ve never seen three guys destroy themselves the way Garry, Bren and the Austrian did for me today. I remember, I was on Garry’s wheel who absolutely killed himself up a climb! At the finish I felt like that time at Laura, for a couple of minutes all I could do was concentrate on my breathing.

“This was the hardest and best day on my bike – the kilometres just melted away today, it seemed much quicker than yesterday even.”

The result: PODIUM on the Queen Stage!!!

Here is the FB LIVE feed from the team from Skybury:

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At the half-way mark at the Crocodile Trophy 2016

Our Il Pastaio/Rocky Trail racers are a the half-way mark at the Crocodile Trophy.

Our racers have been faring well, looking after themselves and their bikes. Here are the official standings so far after four stages as they are getting ready to hit today’s Queen Stage to Skybury.


  • #105 Clayton LOCKE A3 (5th in category) // 17h03:38.7 +4h13:47.6 – 19th overall
  • #70 Martin WISATA A2 (5th in category) // 17h37:16.4 +4h47:25.3 – 24th overall
  • #104 Steven BROWN A3 (14th in category) // 21h07:49.9 +8h17:58.8 – 47th overall


Thanks to our sponsors they are having great equipment and kits that are performing really well – Martin has been posting Facebook LIVE updates throughout the race chatting about it all and the experiences out on track, as well as getting some fellow racers to share their stories:


Stage 4 – Atherton

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LIVE from Stage 3 in Atherton

Martin has a chat to fellow riders about Croc stage 3

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Podium for Martin Wisata at Crocodile Trophy Stage 1

Martin Wisata claimed the third podium spot at Stage 1 of the Crocodile Trophy at the Smithfield MTB Park.

“I initially had not been looking forward to it – I assumed that I would fall back on the climb into the mountain bike park at Smithfield and back out to the finish at the Paradise Palms resort, but I was able to sprint for third position to the line and I’m really happy! This is what I’ve been racing for all these years, I’ve come close to a podium before, but now I have it in the bag”, said an overwhelmed Martin Wisata at the finish in Cairns.

The team is doing well, Steve and Clayton are enjoying the event and the stage racing experience.


Photos from Stages 1+2 below. Credits: Crocodile Trophy/Regina Stanger

img_20161023_201300 02_croc16_hr-3292 14681010_1241661069238399_7215381055013235634_o 14681024_1241981432539696_5896463155622802696_o 14681104_1241679269236579_3758708789751011681_o 14691198_1242605982477241_1213447566739253839_o 14706746_1242605395810633_5194904925636778761_o 14707821_1241668915904281_1586701059943555155_o 14707925_1242605539143952_3468784139334626030_o 14711187_1241977605873412_1034635720248158429_o 14712914_1241978682539971_6056721525125187086_o 14712989_1241672059237300_6711154388755940302_o 14753939_1241653192572520_1546563862291525026_o


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Race report: RedAss Downhill State Series Finale Lithgow

Joel Willis from Lithgow and Kellie Weinert from Kearns are the 2016 RedAss Downhill Enduro State Series Champions! On a challenging course in Lithgow they secured their wins against riders from all over NSW and the ACT with the fastest times in both race runs in their respective elite categories – the fastest time of the two runs counted towards the end result.

Joel Willis’ winning time on the track he grew up on was 1:52.882 with Brent Smith from Woronora Heights coming in second (+3.512) and Josh Clark (+5.579) from the Central Coast placing third. All three riders also placed first, second and third on the overall state series podium.

“It’s good to win on my home track and the competition this weekend was tight”, said Joel Willis at the finish. It had been a windy race day with riders being cautious about gusts from the side at the big jumps.

Kellie Weinert mastered the course well, “You just have to be focused and stay calm on race day. I’m happy that it all worked out.”

Sarah Booth from Newcastle and Sian A’Hern from Canberra placed in second and third respectively in the series and Becc Wyatt from Rozelle came second in Lithgow (+12.812) and fourth in the overall series standings for the women.

2017 season already being planned

With almost half of the field in the junior categories (U15, U17, U19) for both male and female classifications, race promoter Martin Wisata from Rocky Trail said that plenty of new talent was coming through the ranks in the sport.

“Downhill racing is definitely a niche sport and it takes the passion of the young riders and the support and commitment of their parents to succeed. It’s tough, because in NSW there are so little official downhill tracks that we can race on, to keep it interesting is really hard for us as private event promoters, but also for our partner clubs who are struggling to motivate their members”, explained Wisata. The challenge in the adult categories was the lack of enthusiasm by riders, who spend some time abroad in Europe, North America or New Zealand where vast mountain bike parks are successfully being operated with major emphasis on the downhill sport. “Riding the same tracks over and over again back home then gets monotonous, I can understand”, Wisata admitted.

“We are trying new things every year to keep the race format fresh and will work together with the NSW Clubs that have downhill tracks to bring a fun and interesting 2017 series together – this is a spectator sport and even on state-level we get great media coverage, which grooms the riders to step up to national and international events”, he added.

For more event information and detailed results, visit


Photos: Matt Staggs Visuals

Elite Women l-r: Kellie Weinert (1), Becc Wyatt (2), Club president Craig Flynn

Elite Women l-r: Kellie Weinert (1), Becc Wyatt (2), Club president Craig Flynn

Series Elite Men l-r: Daniel Smith (4), Brent Smith (2), Joel Willis (1), Josh Clark (3), Luke Walsh (5)

Series Elite Men l-r: Daniel Smith (4), Brent Smith (2), Joel Willis (1), Josh Clark (3), Luke Walsh (5)

Series Elite Women l-r: Organiser Martin Wisata, Kellie Weinert (1), Sian A'Hern (3) - absent: Sarah Booth (2)

Series Elite Women l-r: Organiser Martin Wisata, Kellie Weinert (1), Sian A’Hern (3) – absent: Sarah Booth (2)

Elite Men l-r: Josh Lea (4), Brent Smith (2), Joel Willis (1), Josh Clark (3), Daniel Bender

Elite Men l-r: Josh Lea (4), Brent Smith (2), Joel Willis (1), Josh Clark (3), Daniel Bender

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LIVE video – Race preparations on day 1

Getting ready to rock at the Croc!

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Bags are packed

It’s the time of year again and the Crocodile Trophy is calling me for a record 7th time. A brand new Pivot 429sl is in the bag with Fox 34 fork and Shimano XTR 2*11 drive. Excitement is growing and the race nerves as well as my team mates will arrive on Wednesday.

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